Wording for Birthday Party Invitations

Wording for Birthday Party Invitations


When you are create birthday invitation, either it is for your friends or loved one or if you are create it as the invitation maker, you must be creative to design the invitation and also use the interesting wording in it.

football wording for birthday party invitations

Some people would like interesting to the invitation because of it has a fabulous design and it has fun wording so then people would like to come.

It’s not hard to create the wording. If you are planning the birthday party with the themed, definitely that will be easier for you to create the wording.

john deere wording for birthday party invitations

It has no rules about the invitation must be create in formal design and also formal wording. If your party is for close friends and family, so you can plan informal birthday party.

The invitation also can be create in informal wording which using slang word to make it more fun.

elmo wording for birthday party invitations

For example you are planning the party in costume party, so you can write the cover text wording like “Princess, Pirates, Superhero and cowboys too. It’s a costume birthday party and we were inviting you to put your costume at Tessa 6th birthday!”

costume wording for birthday party invitations

You also can create formal wording for the formal birthday party. The wording can be write just like in wedding invitation. The time at the party will spelled out, like 4 pm is writing four o’clock in the afternoon. The date is writing in Saturday, the eight of October.

frog wording for birthday party invitations

The name also will be writing in the hosted name first and then the guest name, such as: Mr. and Mrs. Ray Williams invite Enrique Salazar to come at our son 1st birthday party.

That’s the hint to create wording for birthday party invitation. I wish this article can give you information to write the invitation.

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