Sweet 16 Birthday Party Invitations

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Invitations


When someone is almost turning 16 that means they are adult. That is the celebration of their adulthood and usually this party is celebrating in massive birthday party.

The girl in this age will learn to have responsibility and this celebration usually become the very special moment of the lifetime.

black white pink sweet 16 birthday party invitations

There are so many ideas to create the fabulous birthday party in this celebration. You can create it in their favorite color party themed.

You can rent a venue for the birthday party and decorate the party room with balloon hanging up from the ceiling.

girl sweet 16 birthday party invitations

It can use silver and pink balloon as the elegant color or you can use white balloon which create like balloon drop will looks so glamour.

Put the mason jar flower or flower bouquet or candle decoration as the table decoration. don’t forget to design the tablecloth and chair sashes in the fit color as the party themed color.

dress sweet 16 birthday party invitations

The food menu can be using elegant dishes and you can have finger food so then the guest will enjoy the party.

The birthday invitation can be design in black cardstock and you can use black and pink or black and purple with the balloon spreading design in it. It also will be fabulous design it in black striped white design and the font color is in gold and it throw the glitter in it.

teen girl sweet 16 birthday party invitations

You also can design it with the birthday cake design and add with the star clipart. It can be use star snowflake in it. Decorate it with the black or white ribbon and the rhinestone will make the birthday invitations looks perfect.

purple sweet 16 birthday party invitations

That is the idea of sweet 16 birthday party invitations. I hope it can give you some inspiration to design the invitation. Good Luck!




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