Over the Hill Birthday Invitations

Over the Hill Birthday Invitations


Celebrate birthday party for your mom or dad or can be for yourself will be amazing and it can be the most precious moment in their life.

The birthday party is not always must be in formal and elegant either in the party decoration or birthday party invitations.

cardstock over the hill birthday invitatons

You can have more fun by using funny birthday party. This is also can be more entertaining by the birthday celebrant or the guest of honor.

You can plan the birthday party themed by named it in “Over the Hill” birthday party. You can create the birthday invitation in the funny wording based on the party themed.

black and white over the hill birthday invitations

Write the invitation cover text wording, such as: “Brad may be over the hill, but he is still struggle to giving his best dance move at his birthday party to give everyone a thrill!”

It’s also able to be write like “Oh no! Say it ain’t so! Angela Loraine is going to be the big 6-0! She said have a party, no way! But we talked it over and we’re having one anyway” or you also can write it in “50 is the new 30!”

number over the hill birthday invitations

The birthday invitation design can be design by giving some ideas to the birthday party, for example the invitation design in mermaid design so you can edit the photo of the birthday celebrant in the mermaid face.

slide over the hill birthday invitations

It can be edited like the birthday celebrant is ride a motorcycle, drive the sports car, play golf or any funny design and add some clipart in the photo like wearing thick mustache, cowboy hats to make it more interesting.

balloon over the hill birthday invitations

That is some idea to create over the hill birthday invitations. I wish this article can give you some inspiration to design the birthday invitation.


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