Invitation Cards for Birthday Party

Invitation Cards for Birthday Party


Create birthday invitation can be design in any shaped. In the past, the birthday invitation is creating in the quarter pages, half pages or full pages.

Nowadays, people are being more creative to design the birthday invitation cards. It has so many creative ideas to design the unique invitation.

cupcakes invitation cards for birthday party

The technology is now making everything easier and it’s also able to create your own birthday invitation by your own and it just spending less money than buying.

It also has more computer program to design the birthday invitation. You can use Microsoft Publisher program to create your birthday invitations.

rocket invitation cards for birthday party

This article will give you some hint to use the computer program for design your invitation. The first thing to do is open the Microsoft Publisher program.

Click start and then select invitation cards from the getting started with Microsoft Publisher pages. After that you can browse the card for the templates that you want to use for your birthday invitations design.

castle invitation cards for birthday party

After find the card that you have been choose to use as the invitation design, double click on it. Customize the birthday invitation by select customizing option and you can edit the invitation detail text, font color and also add the images.

ticket invitation cards for birthday party

You can choose to add more images in the invitation by page option and verse of the invitation options. It’s able to put the birthday celebrant baby photo, graduating photo, getting married event photo, having kids and also the current picture.

biker invitation cards for birthday party

Add the invitation by cover text wording to make it more interesting. After done create it, save the invitation files and then it’s able to printed it right away.

That’s some hint to create invitation cards for birthday party. I hope this article can help you to create your invitation card.

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