Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas


Kids like to watch cartoon movie and they have their own cartoon movie characters that they are he fan the most. That will be great to decorate the birthday party in their favorite cartoon movie character as the birthday party decoration.

cupcake elmo birthday party ideas

Some of the kids will be so excited when the birthday party is enliven by the clown, magic trick show or performing show like singing or dancing.

If your kid likes to watch classic cartoon movie, so you can plan the birthday party in one of the popular character in the movie which is Elmo.

sesame street elmo birthday party ideas

This is will be so much fun to plan the birthday party in this red furry monster themed. The birthday party can be decorate in red balloons as the backdrop.

fruit elmo birthday party ideas

It can be decorate the backdrop with the red fabric or wallpaper or you can use colorful polka dots as the main design of this movie character.

macaroon elmo birthday party ideas

You can decorate the party with the red furry monster cut out with the banner pennant create in white and red color.

invitation elmo birthday party ideas

That also can be using red tablecloth and the party supplies with this movie character images as the design.

balloon elmo birthday party ideas

The birthday party can be served the food which create in this sweet monster shaped. You can served a cupcake which create in this monster shaped with the eyes, nose and mouth.

decoration elmo birthday party ideas

You can use red frosting as the face, the eyes can be create from the marshmallow and chocolate m&m, the nose can be makes from the orange m&m and the mouth can be makes from oreo which cut to the half.

tied up balloon elmo birthday party ideas

It also can be makes red chocolate covered pretzel with the candy nose and eyes as the finger food and you can makes elmo macaroons as the other alternative.

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