11 Year Old Bithday Invitations

11 Year Old Birthday Invitations


When your kids will be turning 11 year old, that is will be nice to plan the birthday party in the fun theme ideas. That will be so much fun to plan the party with the kids school friends. In this age, kids would like to play outdoor games.


You can plan the birthday party in the backyard and let the kids play some combination games. It can be play relay race, scavenger hunt just around the house.

It is also will be fun to plan the birthday in the sport ideas. You can use volley ball which boys and girls can be combined in one team.


The backyard also can be decorated with the chairs and tables for the kids having lunch after the games. The birthday invitation can be buy in the store. You can buy it in the discount store, retail store or online store.

The invitation can be design in the simple design with the cardstock and it is design in the birthday kids photo.

pink 11 year old birthday invitations

The invitation will be looks more cute by add some clipart in it, like balloons, pennant or it can be put the cupcake, candy or animal clipart in it.

You can design it with the simple design using motif will make the invitations looks more fabulous.

purple blue 11 year old birthday invitations

It can be design with the zebra motif or chevron motif and it will be great to use the birthday kid favorite color in it.

You can get the birthday invitation in the store, such as: “Zazzle, Greetings Island, Pinterest, Etsy, Evite and many more.

balloon 11 year old birthday invitations

That is some idea to design 11 year old birthday invitations. I wish it can give you some inspiration to design your invitation. Good Luck!

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